Friday, 4 November 2016

Tracks, Jumps and Dressage

Well I've been a busy boy this week.

We went trick or treating on Halloween, the tricks included a ghost disguised as a pile of slates wrapped in plastic which mum insisted I sniff (much to the concern of the lady trying to walk past) anyway I was right, when I sniffed it it rustled hence proving my point. I saved the day with a spooktacular sideways rear and bolt, cue more eye rolling from mother, honestly she's never grateful! There were some nice treats as well though like a mouthful of blackberries out of the hedge and some pretty scenery to admire, sometimes hacking alone isn't all bad.

Chief pony holder came to visit in his other role of chief groundsman. Apparently my antics the week before had brought forward the plans to clear the rest of cutting, see they just needed a little push in the right direction (that would be the humans and the scaffolding poles that were keeping us out). There was an awful lot of banging, rustling and revving of the tractor but in the end we were allowed in to have a play. Of course the first thing I did was check out whether we could get onto the embankment as well but the pony proofing there looks quite secure.

It was all quite fun until Isla disappeared, I quickly searched both fields and called her then whilst I was busy checking the shelter she appeared out from under the bridge, thank god for that!

Yesterday we went to Field House again to do more dressage, this time polo lady came too - yippee. I wasn't quite ready for the first test (Novice 23) so was lacking a little impulsion - 66.88% was a fair mark. We worked really hard before the second test and I really concentrated and stopped being silly, mum decided to try not dropping her stick as I was being sensible then clean forgot the halt at the beginning AND when she did halt forgot which hand her stick was in! We got 65.71% with the penalties for numptiness, mum was a bit disappointed with the mark but really pleased with me for how hard I tried, lets face it Novice 37 isn't our best test. 
Then it all got a bit confusing, mum went to speak to a nice lady who said we could borrow the jumps as they were out, so quick tack change and we had a play whilst everyone was in the cafe having their lunch. I was a really good boy, I didn't spook and jumped everything, even when mum missed I just took off early - it was actually really fun but my was I hot by the time we'd finished! The nice lady noticed my feet too, she didn't think they looked ugly, she said there's no point having a straight hoof unless the leg's straight, not stupid she was!

Anyway now I'm home, mum's made me go hacking today and I was so tired I didn't even have the energy to keep her safe from the chainsaws or leaves, luckily they didn't spot us. I did however manage to escape back to the field with my tack on so now she's tired too from chasing me.

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