Monday, 14 November 2016


Hi folks

We've been doing lots of jumping this weekend. Mum got the jumps out at home on Saturday.
They were a bit mucky so I helped clean them. I also knocked the top rails off just to make a point.
We went up to the school with Isla but she was feeling a bit stiff after being naughty for the physio so I got to play first while she loosened up. We jumped all the jumps both ways but I was a bit confused by the skinny double, mum insisted I go straight though so I jumped it. Mum was a bit confused about striding, she maintains that 12 yards is a two stride double but I maintain it's three, maybe one day we'll reach an agreement on that. I left them all up and didn't refuse any though so I got put back in the field whilst Isla got subjected to mini jumps whilst mum shouted at Paige about her position, honestly, something about pots and kettles springs to mind.

On Sunday I went to Speetley, it was cold but dry at least. In the 85cm I went clear and fast, it was great fun and I demanded lots of polos, unfortunately no rosette as mum somehow managed to turn before the finish line at the end, oops.
The 95cm was a bit scarier, the second half of the course was jump off height so a bit bigger. Mum seemed determined to get the "correct" number of strides between the jumps which seemed to mean telling me to take off early for the first one of each line, being surprised when I did, loosing her reins, then just clamping her legs on and clicking over the next two, god knows what she was up to, luckily I managed to work it all out for her so I got lots more polos.
I got a bit cross then as she'd promised one more round and home but we had to wait for our rosette (3rd), I was very good in the prize giving but may have done a bit of a donkey impression on the lap of honour as I wanted my tea!
No photographer unfortunately so you'll have to make do with selfies.

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