Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Hargate BD 30.11.16

Must be the end of the qualifying period for dressage as we were out again today, luckily no washing today as the taps were frozen. This time we went to a new place called Hargate Equestrian, there were lots of arenas and some lovely people. There were some terrifying jumps, flowers and a cat next to the arena but mum told me under no circumstances was I allowed to spook at them so I managed to contain it to the odd sideways look, honestly, how does she know they weren't going to kill us? I decided to be a bit naughtier today to show my displeasure at going out twice in a week but overall Novice 38 went well for 68.39%, first place.
There may have been a slight disagreement over my first medium canter in Elementary 40, what can I say? I was so busy looking at the pony eating jumps I didn't hear mum the first or second time she asked for the transition up then bucked and tried to run off when she booted me in the ribs....oops. Overall though I am getting better at trotting like a posh pony and we got a very respectable 65.96% for 1st Bronze and 2nd overall.
We narrowly missed out on qualification for winter regionals but have two sets of test sheets for Novice Silver festivals and one test short for Elementary bronze, time for a break from dressage I think!

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