Friday, 25 November 2016

Field House BD 24th November

Sorry for the break, things have been more boring then usual here the last couple of weeks. We did go on a longer hack last weekend which Isla seemed to think was very exciting but mostly we've just been going up and down the road with Isla in tow except Wednesday when I got towed which wasn't much fun.

Yesterday we went to do dressage again, I was not impressed with the late start so took Isla's advice and tried biting to show my displeasure, this didn't go down very well so eventually I had to submit and be washed and plaited. Polo lady turned up and we set off to Field House.
The first test was novice 37, lets just say mum's not keen on that one but it mostly went nicely. My transitions into medium trot were better but I still can't maintain it for the full diagonal and I got a bit cross about the halt and rein back but my general trot work was better and medium canters kept the rhythm and straightness well. Mum was rather disappointed with our score of 63.57%, which was the same as a rather flashy but disobedient and unsettled horse we warmed up with, but all the comments were fair.
We had a bit of a break so I stood around in the school with my rug on seeing how much trouble I could get into, mum was a right spoilsport and said I wasn't allowed to knock the bin over or raid strangers pockets but I did manage to repeatedly rattle the partition to unsettle the competition.
Next we had a go at something called elementary 45, apparently mum hasn't done this before and I definitely haven't so it was a bit different. Some of the other horses in the warm up had an extra bit in their mouths which looks confusing and they were all a lot bigger then me but we were practising complicated stuff so I didn't have too much time to notice.
It started off nice and easy but we were soon into medium trot and some little circles, I was quite grateful to get into canter but was a bit confused by going straight from walk to canter in a test so took a moment to get my legs sorted. The working canter went well and the first medium but coming straight back to collected was a bit challenging so I had to do a trot stride, luckily the judge didn't notice! Then we did loads of collected which was really hard work and difficult to keep your legs in the right order but I did it and god was it a relief to go back to medium at the end of it.
Mum and polo lady were really pleased with how hard I concentrated and tried so I got lots of polos. Again only 63.97% but we came 4th in quite a strong class so not bad at all.
Our internet wont load all the video so there's a few bits here to show our first go at Elementary. Now I'm heading back out to the field for some hard earned grass.

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