Sunday, 16 October 2016

New toys

Isla has been a little bit lame the last few days and she was supposed to be going to Chatsworth today to play with the bloodhounds. Yesterday we went for a hack so mum could decide if she was well enough to go, mum rode Isla so I got to take auntie Paige. I was mostly good but feeling a bit fresh so we practised some posh trot up the hills which was cool. I can't remember seeing anything very terrifying which makes a pleasant change, maybe hacking can be fun? Mum decided whilst Isla was much better she couldn't be sure it wasn't something that would get worse if she went out galloping so she got a sick note for the weekend, lucky mare.

This turned out to be bad for me as instead of a nice day off I was needed as a distraction. Thankfully the promised clipping session got postponed again as it took all day to further fortify the dogs yard against the naughty Charlie dog who's been working on his escape tactics again. Then auntie Paige arrived for the second day in a row and caught me instead of Isla, hmm, what's going on here then?

Turns out we were just going up to the school to practice with the new jumps, it's the first time we've been allowed to jump in the new school so actually it was quite fun. I even managed to get mum to lose her stirrups and nearly flattened Paige whilst pretending to spook at Alfie and Keela who came to play, well, that'll teach the humans to chat when they should be concentrating.

After we'd played in the school we went into the field to try the corner which has a bit harder as the sun was very low behind it. Mum was really pleased when we tried it the second way as despite an extra stride I did it right and didn't even try to run out, she says she'll have to come up with some more interesting exercises to try next time, when will I learn?

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