Sunday, 23 October 2016


I've received a request for Emy's story so here it is.

Hello I'm Emy, or Northern Mazurka to give me my full title, I am 26 years old, 15hh and like Mango thought to originate from Ireland. I came into this family via the yard of a dealer who had fallen ill, we'd all been left to fend for ourselves before being distributed around various yards for selling. I was quite traumatised by all this and I'm ashamed to say I was a "bit of a handful" once I had some good food in me. After a while though I reached an understanding with my young jockey and together we had all sorts of fun for a few years. I was quite a handy show-jumper winning a few classes BSJA and jumped consistent double clears eventing at what was then called Pre-Novice (BE100), so long as there were no evil horse eating ditches (or mum fired me at them so fast I was in the air before I noticed them). Dressage wasn't really my thing but a spot of hunting always went down well.

Unfortunately after a few years I started having problems with my back legs and after best part of a year trying different vets and treatments a lady in Newmarket said my suspensory ligaments had gone and I was no good for riding or breeding, as I was only 12 years old at this point my future hung in the balance somewhat. Lucky for me my jockey's dad has a bit of a soft spot for me and took marvellous care of me for many years until it was decided I'd be happier living with other horses and moved in with my old friend Isla and the little upstart Mango. My new home is much better for me, my legs are much less stiff and my feet stay in trim on the track, even my lungs seem to work better here, if only my friends would stop taking advantage of my mellowing with age to push me out the shelter, I'd have kicked them into next week for that stunt a few years ago. So that's my story, my job these days is to look after Mango when Isla is out of sight and keep the grass in trim, think I can manage that alright.

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