Friday, 14 October 2016

Field House BD 13th October

Hello again,

I've been having a lovely week off since all the excitement of the weekend, mum's been at work so I've done nothing but stuff my face and keep the girls in line. Even better we've gone up to winter rations of hay so there's all you can eat in the shelter without having to walk anywhere, there's even enough to pull out of the hay racks and use as a toilet/bed, happy days!

It's now official that we're going to Badminton and the new jumps that polo lady ordered at Burghley arrived so apparently we're going to spend the winter practising our jumping and trying to make a mini-Badminton course round the field. There's also talk of increasing my hacking, seriously, I'm really fit (if a little round) why would I need to trot up more hills?!? What they don't know is the fitter they get me the more extravagantly I can leap in the air, revenge will be sweet.

Then it all went wrong this morning, I got tricked into the shelter with a bucket of grub then bang, the rails went up and I was stuck. I tried to run away from my show head-collar with no success, it was plaiting time AGAIN. I did a lot of jumping around and even stood on the step/grooming kit/cat to try and avoid it but in the end the cross ties came out and I had to give in. In my defence Isla jumped on the physio yesterday and has developed a limp when she's supposed to be playing with hounds at the weekend and ripped another of Emy's rugs so I'm still not the worst behaved pony round here.

Turns out we were going to do dressage, I was a bit quiet to start with so she tried to wind me up a bit, ha, basic mistake, take that fence rail. Actually apart from a little napping at the entrance to the arena and not being very enthusiastic I was quite a good boy, I even managed some medium trot so I got a pat mid test which was nice. Back on the box and mum disappeared for a few minutes then reappeared with lots of polos, 71.21% almost a personal best!

We warmed up for the second test but didn't do too much as I was feeling much more awake and showed off all my best moves, we even did a bit of rein back because we'd not done it in ages and apparently had to do it for the test. The downside of being more forward is it's much harder to keep your head still and I got in a bit of a muddle with my medium trot but all in all mum was very happy so big pats all round and more polos before finally getting out of the rain and into my rug. I only got 65.89% this time but beat all the fancy looking horses who'd beaten me in the first class so think we still did better, just judges marking differently and a harder test I think. Both the judges said nice things about me and mum agreed with all their comments if not all their marks, bit of a pain the worse mark was for the second test as it was a qualifier so now I'll have to do an extra show before the end of November. Anyway mum says I'm really clever and I got lots of polos so all's good.

Now I'm back in the field stuffing my face again, ooh, and it's been raining all day so skiing down the hill provides a little entertainment in case anyone gets bored. Silly mares wont go down the hill when it's wet so all the more grass for me.

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