Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Overworked pony

Well silly me thought I might get away with some time off whilst the van is at the horsebox hospital, how wrong could I be! Freya turned up bright and early on Tuesday morning and off we went on our own for a ride round the countryside. I'm not quite sure what happens when Freya rides me but somehow I find another gear and I managed to keep trotting most of the way round the long circuit. It's been a bit warm this week and I'm a bit fluffy again so got very sweaty. At least when I'm hairy I'm properly orange.

Managed to wrangle a couple of days off before mum crept upon me on Friday and made me jump grids at home. The bounce grid from last week was still up and quite fun but then mum changed it to 3 bigger jumps with canter poles in the middle, I was sure the first pole was going to eat me so just jumped the first part bigger and bigger to try and make it run away. The pole didn't get scared but mum sure did, she said I was a very good boy in between the swearing. Shame there's no video, think I was jumping the height of the wings by the time we finished!

Saturday we went for an early morning ride with Paige and Isla, we went a different way to normal which was a bit scary, especially when we got chased by a collie who tried to bite Isla. Isla doesn't kick dogs so me and mum had to chase it off then we sped off up the hill to get away from it....which set the cows off so we had a little race. We went across the short canter field towards home, I accelerated so fast I made mum scream which was funny because she still had her mouth open when she turned me in a circle behind Isla (to avoid running a walker down) and got a mouthful of mud. Isla and I decided not to jump the hedge we got turned at from gallop and returned to a bouncy jog for the rest of the "walk" home, not quite sure why all the cars we saw after that pulled over and turned their engines off?


Then yesterday Freya came again, mum said for once neither of us needed hacking so we had a bit of a play in the school. I was much happier about the size of the jumps so did some happy bouncing and bucking. Mum had set up an evil double of angled skinnies which was very confusing but I worked it out eventually, unlike Isla who kept jumping the wrong bit, hee hee, sometimes looking before you leap gives you time to think Isla!


Apparently I should be hacking again today but it's raining and mum has a big day at work tonight so she's retreated to the sofa. I meanwhile am working my way through my own body-weight in hay, apparently dressage horses are allowed to be a bit chubby and I'm not sure endurance or show-jumping are my thing after this week.

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