Monday, 19 December 2016

Arena Eventing Training

Sunday was an interesting day, first I learnt how to take the new partition bar out of the shelter, got into Isla's side, cornered and kicked her until she got let out and I got left in on my own so I learnt how to take the slip rails off and escape....mother was not impressed! When she finally managed to catch me again from the far end of the field she gave me a quick clean up and put me on the horsebox.
Paige had bought us a lesson with Mark Cramb at Eland Lodge for Christmas. Mum spent the warm up trying to rev me up and find my big canter but once I was in the main arena I was on fire and she quickly lost the spurs. We started with a big cross pole which isn't my favourite type of fence as I'm not really sure what to do with me legs. Mum rode it pretty strongly in case I backed off so we promptly got told off for being a bit over enthusiastic. 
We very quickly moved on to tricky turns, angled fences and awkward lines but the only thing that really phased me was leaving the arena and going between the trees. Apparently the lines would be a bit easier if I didn't land 2 feet to the right of where I take off, mum's threatening more poles in the grids at home to try to discourage this. We got up to 1m and it was easy peasy!
When we got home Paige had a quick play with Isla and looks like they're starting to get their mojo back as well. All in all going hacking again on Monday was totally boring, we're arena eventing superstars don't ya know!

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